Thank you for choosing ARTSPLOSIONS MULTICULTURIAL ENRICHMENT CAMPS (AMEC),  the best diversified mobile and virtual programs in Texas. We provide participants with academic, and extracurricular activities in a residential, site -based, and online community committed to diversity in its student body, faculty and staff-that help them achieve at the highest scholarly levels and prepare them for lives of service in many fields of human endeavor.


One main benefit of Academic Programs is that they may be a way for your child to make some new friends. Being away from school can offer a break from any usual cliques or social concerns.


If the program is local or at school, it may be a nice way for your child to connect with peers in a new setting. Kids in afterschool programs are more likely to be included and feel like they’re part of a group. These programs often have more adult supervision than playground time offers.


The cost of the Abacus Math program (5 to 12 year-olds) is $300 per Level, which consists of 10 classes offered twice a week throughout the school year. All new students will be required to purchase a Starter Kit for $50, which includes an abacus, a set of flash cards and a case.

The cost of the Abacus Math Club (AMC), is $250 for a total of 10 classes. AMC is designed for our students in Levels 3 through 10+ to maintain abacus math skills in a fun environment.

  • AMEC Sports exists to inspire and empower the next generation of athletes.

  • We are the athlete's partner in achieving their athletic destiny.

  • We work with schools and other athletic leagues and teams to provide apparel and footwear.

The AMEC Music/Vocal program is focused on the creativity of participants with the knowledge of musical instruments with a focus on showing participants how to develop their musical talents. We teach you on how to excel your music talents to its fullest potential and guide you to the right path on to being a music artist. With the skills and expertise, we deliver within a week, our goal is to develop and bring your collaborative vision of art and musical talents onto to the stage.