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Change always comes when we have had enough of what doesn't work. It will always be the people in a community who transforms the minds of our youth.


We have upcoming AgVenture farming projects that will yield a significant return in providing food resources and spark interests in agriculture careers. 

Work with Schools

As a Vendor

We work with schools as a registered vendor to supply educational resources to youth and professional development to teachers. 

Local Community Advocacy

Special Education Advocacy

We work with parents to empower them with knowledge of their rights to access their child's educational resources to support continued success for all children.

Revitalization Cleanups

Partnering with local businesses

We partner with local businesses to organize community cleanups that result in relationship building and access to resources that aid in the daily upkeep of communities. In some cases, we use these projects to initiate community gardens.


How can you make an impact unless you join the fight? Fill out this form and encourage your neighbors to join.

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