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Artsplosions Multicultural Enrichment Camps™ (AMEC Programs™) has special interests in underserved communities. Our vision is to build partnerships with organizations, corporations, and municipalities who have needs to utilize our programs and resources to assist with outreach across the United States.


Our mission is to empower, enrich, and enlighten youth and young adults with academic, career, and economic programs that supplement their current educational curriculums and add to their life-long educational experience needs.


The focus areas of AMEC Programs™ are education, community development, economic development, and collaborations amongst communities. We develop programs that meet the needs of various communities while galvanizing members of that community to contribute their talents to the effort. 


 AgVenture™ Agricultural Experiences

Biz-4-Kidz™ is a K-12 entrepreneurship program that introduces the concept of economics and creative thought by preparing children for opportunities for entrepreneurial career development and philanthropy of developing leadership and management skills. Participants engage in activities that focus on specific genres of business, executive resume building, goal setting, and standard industry practices in a chosen field of study. Significant focus is placed on building leadership skills. Participants are challenged to apply these skills in school and in their local communities. 

The AMEC Artistic program is focused on the creativity of participants with a focus on visual and performing arts while teaching participants how to develop their talents. With the skills and expertise we deliver within a week, our goal is to develop and bring your collaborative vision of art talents onto to the stage.

Join us on our journey as we roll out our new AgVenture Project. We have asked experts to guide us on how to properly grow herbs, produce, and other crop in an effort to develop an AgVenture program that will have you thinking differently about what you eat, how you care for yourself and your loved ones. We host tours and classes to encourage YOU to duplicate these life-style choices and farming techniques that can be implemented in your kitchen, backyard and even on your unused land.

We use our resources to fund programs in communities that will invite innovative collaborations with educators, parents, community leaders, and community partners. How many times have you thought of a program that would benefit the children in that community, but just didn't have access to funding to execute it? Our mission in this concept is to fund "community developed" programs by inviting educators and community partners to aid in the strategic planning of programs in an effort to build a more sustainable community. 

The purpose of i3 is to enhance the current process of raising start-up capital, growing a business, interacting with industry experts, acquiring new knowledge, and sharing success stories. This web and mobile application will connect young entrepreneurs with the right investors/funding to secure flexible funding with a catalog of funding opportunities such as business credit and continuous supporters with passionate entrepreneurs.

In light of changes in the economy due to Covid-19, we have implemented a unique strategy in approaching community programing. We have taken on a new mindset of asking professionals to become community partners in developing programs that will revitalize underserved communities. 


City Business Meeting


"Building Communities One Program At A Time"

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