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AMEC'S mission is to empower, enrich and enlighten underserved communities with  programs that offer empowerment through real life application with the focus on economic development. We aim to offer creative curriculums in entrepreneurship, financial literacy, the arts, and core subjects.


AMEC PROGRAMS™ has a discovery-driven process of transforming the uncertainty around a pandemic such as Covid-19 and the uncertainties of a business venture into a manageable risk, thereby allowing youth to experiment, learn, and build a profitable, socially beneficial new business. With a plausible business model, youth go through a 6-12-month incubation, mentoring, and nurturing program that is comprised of Covid-19 protocol in a research/innovation phase, a business training phase, and a micro-credit phase. The mentoring and nurturing phases will use the Advisory Network (Investors’ Panel, Incubator, Accelerator, and Learning Portal as powerful tools to help youth initiate and accelerate the development of new business ideas, experimentation and piloting, venture launch, and the eventual scaling up of a new enterprise. All four tools have similar and cross sector strategies that complement each other. With new business practices being adopted in order to meet government guidelines, we offer guidance into how to navigate through new innovative protocol for a typical business who must keep their doors open. Through these tools, youth will be able to leverage the skills, facilities, connections, equipment, and business savvy of corporation, nonprofit, and government partners to mitigate the challenges they might eventually face in their contribution to the smooth growth of their enterprises.

Since its inception in 2011, the Artsplosions Multicultural Enrichment Camps™ (AMEC PROGRAMS™) has been tirelessly pursuing its mission of becoming an effective one-stop shop for business resources. In 2020, AMEC PROGRAMS™ partnered with organizations across the country to offer this funding program to the youth in various schools. Services that have been offered by AMEC PROGRAMS™ over the last 15 years are proposal writing, corporation filing, asset protection, business/project lending, business credit structuring, strategic planning and increasing cash flow. We opted-in on the idea of supporting organizations and schools with similar services through our incubator program. Based on feedback from a multitude of beneficiaries and AMEC PROGRAMS’s™ desire to capitalize on the innovative idea to promote financially sustainable communities, we recognized the need to provide a continuous “space” where young entrepreneurs can:

  • Raise capital through investment, business credit and/or crowdfunding

  • Receive expert advice and feedback from a pool of industry experts.

  • Connect with youth around the globe to encourage entrepreneurship.

  • Find expert mentors, partners and collaborators.

  • Gain access to new technologies and what it takes to finance an entity.



We have a strong focus on collaborations that foster the bridging of resources to support a larger community impact. Partnerships are multifaceted from schools, to districts, to municipalities, to other nonprofit organizations.

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