Welcome to Young Entrepreneur Talk Radio

We empower, encourage, and ignite children, youth, and young adults to engage in entrepreneurial activities that require the use of their God-given talents to contribute to our free enterprise system.

This show is based from the entrepreneurial curriculum designed by Tyra Jones in 2009, and has grown into a sought after program in the Houston area. The radio show can be heard on the Raven International Network, a Raven Blair Davis production. Raven Davis is a former CNN and CBS talk radio personality who has interviewed a plethora of celebrities such as Jack Canfield, John C. Maxwell, Montel Williams, Cookie Johnson, Kim Fields, Russell Simmons, Lindsey Wagner, and many, many more. Tyra has been coached by the best in talk radio and continues to be mentored by this incredible icon. Join her as she embarks upon the journey of young entrepreneur empowerment with riveting shows that will inform, promote, and entertain you. Tune in every Thursday at 10am on AWOP World Wide online on iTunes and soon TVO! 
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